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From the President

Welcome to the website of the AAUP Chapter at Iowa State University! Our local chapter has been active recently in addressing how budget cuts and policy planning affect faculty members, the rights of faculty as members of the professoriate, and, as always, academic freedom and due process. Of particular concern to the local Chapter has been the need to maintain and strengthen shared governance between faculty and various levels of the academic administration. This goal of the ISU Chapter of AAUP is achieved by working in close collaboration with the leadership of the Faculty Senate, as well as with academic administrators to ensure that the faculty voice is heard and listened to.

-Dr. Heimir Geirsson, Professor and President of the ISU Chapter


About the AAUP                                                                                                                                

The AAUP is an organization focused on preserving the faculty voice within academia, advancing academic freedom and shared governance, and establishing a standard of fundamentals in professional values and higher education. In the pursuit of these goals, the AAUP seeks to ensure the contribution of higher education, toward the common good. The national site contains information concerning work of the organization as a whole. This site will focus primarily on the involvement and agenda of the Iowa State University Chapter.


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News and Upcoming Events     

AAUP Clock Extension for Term Faculty Resolution (PDF, 51KB)
October 2020

Statement on Deportation of International Students (PDF, 72KB)
Summer 2020

Statement Regarding the Appointment of J. Bruce Harreld as President of the University of Iowa
September, 2015
Read more (PDF, 112KB)

Letters of Non-Renewal to NTE Faculty
April, 2015

The Faculty Senate is considering changing the timing of non-renewal notices to NTE faculty. What does the AAUP recommend?
Read more (PDF, 186KB)

Annual meeting (PDF, 28KB)
April 3, 2013

Collegiality Statement
March, 2012

Does collegiality call for agreement and "one voice?" 
Read more (PDF, 78KB)

Professors Grade Gartner's Analysis
August, 2011

Former regent Gartner published a letter in the Des Moines Register where he, among other things, attacked tenure and shared governance. The members of the ISU AAUP Executive Board replied. 
Read more (PDF, 12KB)

Dark Clouds in Blue Sky
December, 2010

The formation of the Blue Sky Taskforce in the LAS College raises questions about the role of shared governance in a reorganization of the college.
Read more (PDF, 64KB)

New Budget Model calls for Changes in Governance
November, 2010

Many of the decisions that were previously made at the Provost level will now be made at the college level. What does this mean for shared governance?
Read more (PDF, 38KB)