Committee A

Academic Freedom and Tenure

The central mission of the AAUP is to advance the standards, ideals, and welfare of the profession. Since AAUP's founding in 1915 its main instrument for carrying out this mission has been its first standing committee, Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure.

The main role of the committee has always been to develop standard policies and procedures for faculty handbooks and to monitor institutional compliance with these standards. In addition to this the committee has for many years also provided council and advice to faculty members who call or write seeking assistance in matters relating to academic freedom, tenure, and due process. This assistance is available to all, regardless of whether they are members of the AAUP.

Faculty members can seek assistance from the national staff assigned to Committee A. However, since the members at the national office are few and the complaints are many, state conferences and local chapters usually establish their own Committee As to help assist faculty with issues that arise locally and in the state. The members of the conference and local committees usually work closely with the national staff.

Chair, Heimir Geirsson, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Cullen Padgett Walsh, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Tim McNicholl, Mathematics

Fritz Keinert, Mathematics